About Me! 😱

My name is Francesca (Cesca) Anderson, I’m fourteen (at the moment!) and I’m also home educated along with my three brothers.

I love to make cakes, in fact I’d spend all day doing that and horse riding if I could, but I can’t, so I just do it in my free time. I like to make one cake a week if I can, but recently I’ve had to cut back because my mum has been grumbling that she never gets to make cakes anymore. I’m not complaining, my mum makes the best cakes in the world, even the icing is light 💗!

I began making cakes with Mum when I was two and when I was seven I started making them by myself. Then, when I was ten (with a LOT of help from my brother Finnian and friend Amie) I made my first themed cake, an aeroplane. A month later, I made an Raspberry Pi symbol cake for Finnian with another of my friends. A month after that I made the first themed cake I’d done by myself – this was Aonghus’ ship.

Since then I’ve made the boys’ themed birthday cakes each year as well as a few extras. There are only a few select reasons for having three brothers that are good, the rest are quite negative. One thing that I do find helpful is that three brothers means three birthdays a year, which means three cakes consecutively. Hence I get a lot of practise at the start of the year which I can then put to good use through the later months!

For my last birthday, my brother Finnian very kindly gave me a web address, insisting that I make the website into a place to blog all of the cakes I make. So here it is ☺️


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