Spring, Flowers and Bumblebees


At the start of Spring, Mum decided that we needed to use up all the sugarpaste and decorations we had left in our cake cupboard from previous cakes, so my friend and I went wild.

We decided to give the cake a spring theme because a variety of colours would be needed, so we could use up a lot. We molded bees, flowers, ladybirds, chicks, leaves and easter eggs and placed them on the cake we’d covered in green buttercream to try and resemble the colours of spring.

I was also given a cake colouring set for Christmas, so we thought we would try it out. We baked some cupcakes of various colours and then used cutters to cut out shapes which we placed in and around the batter of the big cake. This meant that when the cake was cut into, there were multicoloured shapes inside.


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