Hamish’s 7th Birthday Cake – an Aeroplane!

This was the first cake I’d ever made, and my friend Amie and bro Finnian contributed a lot to it! Amie was in fact my inspiration to start making cakes. I was totally amazed by two birthday cakes she had made me (a wonderful poodle cake and a Go Ape themed one) as well as a swimming pool cake she made one time. I thought how fabulous and exciting it would be to be able to make people themed cakes so I had a go and really enjoyed it! So thank you Amie!

We made the aeroplane when Hamish had gone to bed (having told him previously when he saw us carving it that it was a courgette cake for ‘tomorrow’) and we had loads of fun! Amie moulded the pilot and Finnian and I concentrated on the actual aeroplane. We had a bit of a dilemma when it came to the wings and tail but in the end we decided to make them out of cardboard and cover them in foil and then fondant, which when I look back on them were really messy! But Hamish was over-the-moon and I (not Finnian 😂) got the biggest hug in the world! Since then, the reactions have always been the best part of cake making for me.


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